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Modul:   MAT971  Stochastische Prozesse

Cutoff Profile of ASEP on the segment

Vortrag von Dr. Peter Nejjar

Sprecher eingeladen von: Prof. Dr. Jean Bertoin

Datum: 30.03.22  Zeit: 17.15 - 18.15  Raum: Y27H12

We consider the asymmetric simple exclusion proces (ASEP), an interacting particle system that belongs to the so-called Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) class of random growth models. Here we study how ASEP on the segment mixes to equilibrium. In particular, we obtain the cutoff window and the cutoff profile of ASEP, giving a precise description of how ASEP converges to equilibrium. Based on joint work with Alexey Bufetov.