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Seminar on Homotopy Theory
Do 13.00 - 14.45 Room: Y27H46 Seats: 50
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Seminar plan, to be updated constantly during the semester. Last update 8/5.

Talk 2 - Categories (Ajantha and Laura)

Talk 3a - The fundamental group and fundamental groupoid (Mathäus)

Tallk 3b - The van Kampen Theorem I (Xuelun)

Talk 4 - The van Kampen theorem II (Joël)

Talk 5 - Covering spaces I (Alexandra)

Talk 6 - Covering spaces II (Muhammed)

Talk 7 - Covering spaces III (Zhengdong)

Talk 8 - Some homotopy constructions (Salome)

Talk 9 - fibrations and cofibrations (Veronika)

Talk 10 - Higher homotopy groups I (Emily)

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Module: MAT594 Seminar on Homotopy Theory