Institute of Mathematics

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Individual advice

Would you like to talk to our academic advisors? Then call us (Phone: +41 44 635 58 61), or send an e-mail: .

Contact with students

If you would like to meet mathematics students at the University of Zurich, send an e-mail to the students' association: .

Contact with mathematics graduates in professional life

Ask our  for addresses.

Students from abroad


Office for advising students educated abroad: Universität Zentrum, Rämistrasse 71, 8006 Zürich, Phone: +41 44 634 22 36, e-mail: admission(at)

Psychological counselling

If you would like to arrange for counselling, contact the 'psychologische Beratungsstelle für die Studierenden beider Hochschulen': Plattenstrasse 28, 8032 Zürich, Phone: +41 44 634 22 80, e-mail: pbs(at)