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Ödül Tetik

Institut für Mathematik
Universität Zürich
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I obtained my Bachelor's in Göttingen in 2018 (thesis with Thomas Schick) and my Master's in Bonn in 2019 (thesis with Peter Teichner and Mark Penney). Also did a minor in philosophy, mostly with Felix Mühlhölzer. Before all that, I was in my hometown, Istanbul.


I am interested in mathematical physics in the broad and vague sense. At the moment I’m looking into (mainly algebraic) aspects of ‘extended quantization’ of theories, meaning in the presence of higher-codimension boundaries and defects. Hence I’m interested in many topics in higher algebra/algebraic geometry, factorization algebras, knot/embedding theory...

Parts of my two theses to date, though largely unrelated, might be of interest:

Universality of invertibility of the Dirac operator twisted with the Mishchenko bundle (2017)

Field theories and fermionic phases in one dimension (2019)

Loop quantum gravity seminar FS 2020, talks 4 and 7: (link to the seminar webpage)

3d TQFTs from spherical fusion categories

4d: BF with cosmological constant is equivalent to Ooguri–Crane–Yetter

Some notes (partly presented in the internal joint seminar):

Stratified algebra (under construction; exciting parts to come are joint with Nicola Capacci)

Slides of my colloquium talk (contains ommissions, might contain errors):

What is... a Drinfeld associator?

HS 20

Vorlesungen & Seminare

Zurich Graduate Colloquium
Gianira Nicoletta Alfarano, Benedetta Cavalli, Alessandra Iozzi, Nicolas Müller, Lisa Ricci, Ödül Tetik
Seminar Essentials in Operads
Alberto Cattaneo