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Ödül Tetik

Institut für Mathematik
Universität Zürich
Winterthurerstrasse 190
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BSc from Göttingen (2018, thesis with Thomas Schick), MSc from Bonn (2019, thesis with Peter Teichner and Mark Penney). Did a minor in philosophy, mostly with Felix Mühlhölzer.


Some things I've written:

Universality of invertibility of the Dirac operator twisted with the Mishchenko bundle

Field theories and fermionic phases in one dimension

3d TQFTs from spherical fusion categories

4d: BF with cosmological constant is equivalent to Ooguri–Crane–Yetter

Stratified algebra (under construction; exciting parts to come are joint with Nicola Capacci)

What is... a Drinfeld associator?

Notes on AKSZ with target symplectic stacks

Ongoing work: BV-type theories with boundaries and corners, passage to functorial field theories with defects; physicsy higher & structured versions of Deligne's conjecture & classification of factorisation algebras/homology; corresponding formality/quantisation questions

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Ödül Tetik