Institute of Mathematics

Degree Courses


The Study of Mathematics at the university of Zurich is graded and consists of 

  • Bachelor's degree in Mathematics with a "Bachelor of Science in Mathematics" (abbreviation: BSc in Mathematics)
  • Master's degree in Mathematics with a "Master of Science in Mathematics" (abbreviation: MSc in Mathematics)

The bachelor's degree is designed for six semesters. It provides solid basic knowledge in the most important areas of mathematics and the ability of methodical and scientific thinking. 

The master's degree can be achieved within three additional semesters on the basis of the bachelor's degree. He has a specialization in a current mathematical research area and teaches the ability to work independently. The focus is on a master thesis (duration approx. 2 semesters) in the form of a research work at a high scientific level. 

Course components

During the degree course, you will take part in different kinds of study:

  • Lecture courses
  • Exercise classes, in which you get personalized tuition
  • Seminars, in which you learn about a topic more or less independently
  • Practical training, in which you are introduced to applied mathematics

Master thesis

The master thesis is a very important part of the Study of Mathematics, which is worth a lot of attention. In a mathematical subarea, you have to deal with a bigger issue with the support of the assistants and the mentoring professor. 

Minor subjects

In the bachelor's degree an optional minor subject can be chosen arbitrary within the degree courses of the university of Zurich, which offer a minor subject with a range of 30 or 60 ECTS. In the master's degree, you can also chose an optional minor subject in the range of 30 ECTS; either the minor subject of the bachelor's degree can be expanded or another can be selected.